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Kai Hansen

XXX - Three Decades In Metal (2CD Digipak)


Release Date: Sep 16, 2016

Discs: 2

“Born in the city of Hamburg, in 1963…”
With this simple, yet spot on line, Kai Hansen sets the direction for his solo debut “XXX –
Three Decades Of Metal”.
Hamburg, it’s the city is where it all started for Hansen, it’s the city that made Kai into one of
the biggest metal musicians on the planet. Not strictly autobiographical and with a twinkle in
its eye, "XXX" takes you onto a journey of Hansen’s life: from the first steps in the practicing
space in his bedroom, to rehearsal rooms and eventually to the biggest stages in the world,
ending up influencing and sharing the stage with the very same bands Hansen admired in
the first place – and everything that happened along the way.
On “XXX”, Hansen roars into the mic like his life depends on it – like a wild, unleashed
beast – and breaks free with liberating screams. Hansen’s typical rough sound is
intermittent by high-pitched screams and alternates between a melodic and clear vocal style
while still retaining the slight nasal tone and rasp of his early years. Add explosive guitar
solos, heavy riffs and licks as well as powerful tunes to the mix, and you get everything you
ever searched for in metal/hard rock.
Or as Hansen puts it: “It made me feel so groovy – it gave me instant heat.”
The 10 new metal classics on “XXX” came into existence by the hand of Alex
Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) on bass, Eike Freese (who already worked as engineer and coproducer
with Hansen on the last Gamma Ray album) on guitar and phenomenal drummer
Daniel Wilding (Carcass) – and of course Hansen himself.
The four will be joined by various guests, ranging from friends to followers to heroes, such
as Dee Snider, Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian), Marcus Bischoff (Heaven Shall Burn),
Tobias Sammet (Avantasia, Edguy), Michael Kiske (Unisonic), and Michael Weikath
“XXX” has it all. And with the song “Born Free”, a new metal hymn is born. A hymn that will
get fans all over the globe to stand up proud and shout “I am BORN FREE – NO LIMITS IN


1. Born Free
2. Enemies Of Fun (feat. Ralf Scheepers & Piet Sielck)
3. Contract Song (feat. Dee Snider & Steve McT as The Manger)
4. Making Headlines (feat. Tobias Sammet)
5. Stranger In Time (feat. Michael Kiske, Frank Beck, Tobias
Sammet & Roland Grapow - Guitar Solo)
6. Fire and Ice (feat. Clementine Delauney, Marcus Bischoff,
Richard Sjunnesson & Michael Weikath - Guitar Solo)
7. Left Behind (feat. Alexander Dietz & Clementine Delauney)
8. All Or Nothing (feat. Clémentine Delauney)
9. Burning Bridges (feat. Eike Freese)
10. Follow the Sun (feat. Hansi Kirsch & Tim Hansen - Guitar Solo)

CD2 - Bonus CD