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Run Liberty Run

We Are (CD Digipak)


Release Date: Jul 22, 2016

Discs: 1

Two years ago, after receiving lots of attention due to their success in the German
TV Show X-Factor under the name RUNE, the band started working on
the their album „We Are“, it was time to evaluate their situation.
Whoever fears the band has lost its edge during this process, is wrong. The music
of Run Liberty Run has not lost its force. Screams remain in songs
like „Bengal Fires“. „Rain“ makes use of powerful metal sounds. The fact that the
band has become more melodic, can clearly be heard in the gloomy 80s
sounds of „Hold on“. And with „Start a Fire“ the band has created a ballade, in
which the synthesizers open up, as if they want to embrace whole
stadiums with their energy.

1. Ashes And Dust
2. We Are
3. Rain
4. Where Are You Now
5. Start A Fire
6. C L O S E R
7. Take Me
8. Sayonara
9. Hold on
10.Bengal Fires