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Light Of Dawn (CD Digipak)


Release Date: 01/08/2014

Discs: 1

Rock and metal fans had to wait many many years – 23 to be exact – before it finally happened: German metal icons Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske, who kicked off German Metal trailblazers Helloween's international triumph with the two “Keeper Of The Seven Keys” records at the end of the 80s, got back together again. Again? Yes, again: Hansen quit Helloween in 1989 to found Gamma Ray while Kiske left four years later to attend to his solo projects. Even though the band already formed a year before Kai joined them but it was his involvement that made UNISONIC a so-called supergoup.

01 – Venite 2.0
02 – Your Time Has Come
03 – Exceptional
04 – For The Kingdom
05 – Not Gonna Take Anymore
06 – Night Of The Long Knives
07 – Find Shelter
08 – Blood
09 – When The Deed Is Done
10 – Throne Of The Dawn
11 – Manhunter
12 – You and I