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Status Quo

Aquostic II - That's A Fact! (CD)


Release Date: 21/10/2016

Discs: 1

“Aquostic II - One More For The Road” is still Status Quo, but again with
a twist. Imagine the album being produced by Rick Rubin and he invited
both Johnny Cash and The Everly Brothers into the studio and all of them
jammed together with a string orchestra and choirs.
The tracklisting for this carefully curated collection of reimagined Quo
classics include ‘In The Army Now’, ‘Hold You Back’, ‘Roll Over Lay Down’,
‘Ice in The Sun’ and three brand new exclusive tracks.
‘Aquostic II - One More For The Road’, offers a generous helping of Quo
classics that are immediately recognisable, and yet demonstrably reengineered;
this is the sound of a band living in the present, embracing the
future, whilst cherishing their past.

1. That's A Fact
2. Roll Over Lay Down
3. Dear John
4. In The Army Now
5. Hold You Back
6. One For The Road
7. Backwater
8. One Of Everything
9. Belavista Man
10. Lover Of The Human Race
11. Ice In The Sun
12. Mess Of The Blues
13. Jam Side Down
14. Resurrection