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Spin It Again - Live In Munich (2CD)


Release Date: 27/09/2013

Discs: 1

„Spin It Again - Live in Munich“, captures the fi nal night of the 2012 successful sold-out tour by the Canadian band in Germany.
Saga’s historical singer Michael Sadler surprised everybody joining the band back just a few days before the recording took place. The magic was
all of a sudden back. Saga charted in the German top 10 and the band sold out nearly 20 concerts in Germany and brought its music in cities and
countries where they had never been before. 2012 and 2013 have been very intense years for Saga. The joy of the original band together again, the warmth of the audience, the critical acclaim had to live together with hard moments on the road
and private tragedies... „Spin it Again“, recorded and filmed in Munich, historically a second home for the Canadian prog rockers, features recent songs and all the Saga
classics. Two hours of prog and melodic hard rock at its best.

1. Anywhere You Wanna Go
2. Mouse In A Maze
3. Careful Where You Step
4. The Perfectionist
5. You‘re Not Alone
6. Spin It Again
7. Corkentellis
8. The Flyer
9. Fish Beat
10. Six Feet Under
11. The Cross
12. Time‘s Up
13. Scratching The Surface
14. Tired World (Chapter 6)
15. Humble Stance
16. On the Loose
17. Wind Him Up
18. Framed
19. Don‘t Be Late (Chapter 2)