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Sounds That Can't Be Made (CD)


Release Datum: 14/09/2012

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Marillion have constantly reinvigorated and redefined their sound. They graciously moved to new musical territories with a succession of inventive, emotional albums.

Always reinventing themselves and at the same time, always keeping their magic sound alive.

With “Sounds That Can’t Be Made”, Marillion continues their successful musical journey. The 17th studio album is as soulful and powerful as ever, and includes deeply moving music which leaves their fans wanting for more. Song titles and music direction is up to date, still not revealed.

The new album cover has been designed by Simon Ward while the booklet will feature the contribution of artists like Antonio Seijas, and Andy Wright.

Lead singer Steve Hogarth, guitarist Steve Rothery, keyboardist Mark Kelly, bassist Pete Trewavas and drummer Ian Mosley, have enjoyed a rich, musical history, with over 15 studio albums and over 20 UK-Top 40 hits. Classic Rock magazine referred to them as “A National Treasure”. Throughout their 25-year career, the band has consistently dodged categorization by crafting distinct, evocative music, which has solidified an extremely loyal fanbase. In addition, their live shows are breathtaking.

01. Gaza
02. Sounds That Can't Be Made
03. Pour My Love
04. Power
05. Montréal
06. Invisible Ink
07. Lucky Man
08. The Sky Above The Rain