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Marbles In The Park (Deluxe Edition 2CD)


Release Date: 20/01/2017

Discs: 2

Since 2002 and in a 2-year cycle, Marillion welcome their dedicated fans
to a very special weekend: the Marillion weekend. On three nights,
Marillion perform three different shows with different setlists consisting of
full records played from start to finish, fan favourites and rarities. Fans
travel from all over the world to be part of these truly amazing nights.
From Friday 20th March to Sunday 22nd March the Marillion weekend
took place at Center Parcs, Port Zélande, The Netherlands. On
Saturday night Marillion performed one of their best and most
successful albums… Marbles! With their imposing live show containing
stunning projections and laser effects, Marillion once again proved to be
one of the leading audio-visual musicians of the present time.

1. The Invisible Man
2. Marbles I
3. Genie
4. Fantastic Place
5. The Only Unforgivable Thing
6. Marbles II
7. Ocean Cloud
8. Marbles III
9. The Damage
10. Don't Hurt Yourself (side split CD2)
11. You're Gone
12. Angelina
13. Drilling Holes
14. Marbles IV
15. Neverland
16. Out Of This World
17. King
18. Sounds That Can't Be Made