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Living In F E A R (Ltd. Edition CD - EP)


Release Date: 06/10/2017

Discs: 1

October 13th 2017 will see Marillion not only playing the Royal Albert Hall for the
very first time (a show that was sold out within 4 minutes from the announcement!)
performing their magnificent TOP 5 chart album “F*** Everyone And Run (F E A R)”,
but also releasing a very special live version of their epic “Living In F E A R” – a
powerful song about peace and reflection, a song with a more generalized look at
fear that seems to characterize our times, and particularly the response it creates.
“Living in F E A R strangely is a misleading title because that’s a song about ceasing
to live in fear” - says singer Steve Hogarth – “It’s a kind of a hippie song about how
you can choose to melt your guns as a show of strength, how you can choose to
leave your doors unlocked as a show of strength and not weakness. And that we are
mirrors: if you go around defensively and that becomes your outlook, you bring on
that in the rest of the world. Whereas if you go around with love and the walls are
down, people take the walls down, too.”
“Living In F E A R” comes in a limited CD Digipak as well as in a limited and
numbered 12” Vinyl Edition, carrying three additional unreleased live songs:
The fifth section of “The Leavers”, called “One Tonight”, a song about leaving lives
and families behind to go on tour and being in a new country – a very personal song
for Marillion.
The epic ‘Neverland’, originally from “Marbles”, and ‘Dry Land’, originally from
“Holidays In Eden”, complete this EP: two live versions released for the first time
outside of the band´s own “Racket Records” catalogue, serving a precursor of a
strictly limited reissue series of the band´s jewels, so far only sold or shared to
through their wonderful web shop, starting January 2018.

1. Living In F E A R (Live Edit)
2. The Leavers Live (One Tonight)
3. Neverland (taken from „Size Matters“)
4. Dry Land (taken from „Holidays In Eden Live“)