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Surreal (CD)


Release Date: Apr 20, 2012

Discs: 1

Formed in 1980 and having been successful for over 30 years, the global phenomenon behind mastermind Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick now returns with a fresh and unique sound on their 15th studio album “Surreal”. The new album includes 14 beautiful songs over a bed of fluid bass lines and irresistible drum grooves which, by all means, reflect the energy of the band’s live shows.
The first single ‘Goodbye To Yesterday’ features a new addition to Incognito’s line-up. German-born singer/songwriter Mo Brandis, who is also responsible for one of Germany’s biggest hits last year, convinces with his warm and soulful voice. Another new addition to Incognito is the shining vocalist Natalie Williams, one of the most in-demand jazz vocalists in the UK, who contributes to the soulful ‘Above The Night’ and the 70ies-style bossa nova ‘The Stars From Here’. The funky, bass-driven opener ‘The Less You Know’ is sung by Blue’s “awesome musical muse” Maysa who also joins the band on the bubbling, rhythmic grooving ‘Capricorn Sun’. Last but not least in the list of great vocalists is Vanessa Haynes, who joined Incognito two years ago and not only enriches ‘Don’t Break Me Down’ and ‘To Be With You’ with her incredible power and subtlety but also Incognito’s rendition of Queen Yahna’s 70s disco tune ‘Ain’t It Time’.
Not forgetting where the band comes from, the album also features two driving instrumentals ‘Rivers On The Sun’ and ‘Thoughtful Fantasies’, the latter continuing Bluey’s passion for Brazilian jazz funk with all horns blazing and percussion breaks. Bluey sums up the creative process: “For each one of us taking part in the making of ‘Surreal’, this was our chance to make bold statements, hone in our skills, dig deep into our creative souls and produce a body of work that we would all be extremely proud of.”
Congratulations everyone, job successfully done!

01. The Less You Know
02. Goodbye to Yesterday
03. Above the Night
04. Ain‘t It Time
05. Capricorn Sun
06. Don‘t Wanna Know
07. Restless As We Are
08. Rivers On the Sun
09. Don‘t Break Me Down
10. The Stars from Here
11. To Be With You
12. This Must Be Love
13. The Way You Love
14. Thoughtful Fantasies