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Deep Purple

...To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo) (Deluxe 2CD)


Release Date: 01/04/2016

Discs: 2

"“Made In Japan” was partially recorded there and we’ve played there many times since. For such a large space, the acoustics are excellent; this special building never ceases to impress.

On this particular evening, we came in at the back door, climbed the cool, marble staircase and entered the familiar dressing room. Feeling like we’re the only people in the building, it’s hard to believe there’s even an audience out there.

But there is, young and old, sitting patiently or chatting quietly – the embodiment of civility. It’s almost like the respectful hush one might find in a cathedral. But they’re here to rock. And rock they do. They may be quiet while they’re waiting but far from shy during the show. They gave us an unforgettable evening. Thank you, Tokyo." - Roger Glover

1 Après Vous (Live in Tokyo 2014)
2 Into The Fire (Live in Tokyo 2014)
3 Hard Lovin' Man (Live In Tokyo 2014)
4 Strange Kind Of Woman (Live In Tokyo 2014)
5 Vincent Price (Live In Tokyo 2014)
6 Contact Lost (Live In Tokyo 2014)
7 Uncommon Man (Live In Tokyo 2014)
8 The Well-Dressed Guitar (Live In Tokyo)
9 The Mule (Live in Tokyo 2014)
10 Above And Beyond (Live In Tokyo 2014)
11 Lazy (Live In Tokyo 2014)
12 Hell To Pay (Live In Tokyo 2014)
13 Don Airey's Solo (Live In Tokyo 2014)
14 Perfect Strangers (Live In Tokyo 2014)
15 Space Truckin' (Live In Tokyo 2014)
16 Smoke On The Water (Live In Tokyo 2014)
17 Green Onions / Hush (Live In Tokyo 2014)
18 Black Night (Live In Tokyo 2014)