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Popa Chubby

The Catfish (CD)


Release Date: 07/10/2016

Discs: 1

On his release "The Catfish", Popa Chubby offers up 12 tunes that
embody the badass attitude that defines the self-proclaimed "King Of The New
York City Blues. The Catfish is aptly titled as it delivers punch after punch of
musical inspiration drawing on 25 plus years of street smarts and road worthy
The Catfish embodies the concepts that make Popa Chubby who he is. Regal and
Delicious, the recording shines with multiple flavor and worldliness.
Popa Chubby broaches a wide variety of musical styles and themes on this
recording and the songs stand as individual works and as a collection. The authors
personal favorite on the album is an instrumental offering entitled "Blues For
Charlie". Horowitz wrote and recorded this after the two massacres endured be his
beloved adopted second home Paris.
The title track defines the record as Popa Chubby tells the tell of the master of the
river. The Catfish. The Pimp Daddy, The Big Boss!
The song romps with a Stones infused Rock and Roll timelessness. When asked
what he wanted to achieve with this record, Popa Chubby simply said: "Bigger,
Badder, Older ,Wiser , Louder, Stronger.”

1. Going Dowtown See My Old Gal Sue
2. Good Thing
3. Bye Bye Love
4. Cry Till It's A Dull Ache
5. Wes Is More
6. Motörhead Saved My Life
7. Blues For Charlie
8. Dirty Diesel
9. Slow Down Sugar
10. Out A Grown Man To Shame
11. The Catfish
12. C'mon In My Kitchen