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Chris Rea

Blue Street (Five Guitars) (CD Digipak)

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Release Date: 08/11/2019

Discs: 1

Chris Rea is without a doubt one of the most influential blues and rock musicians of the last 40 years. On “Blue Street (Five Guitars)" Rea melts Jazz and Blues elements with Rock and therewith creates an album, which not only captures the love for his instrument but also makes clear that Rea’s music cannot be put into boxes. "Blue Street (Five Guitars)" is a tribute to some of the greatest like Miles Davis and Charles Mingus.


1. Blue Miles
2. Blue Street
3. Big C
4. Big C Big Sea
5. Hofner Break
6. Heading For The City
7. 1st Snow Migus
8. Piano Break
9. Still Going To A Go Go
10. Are You Ready
11. Funk 48