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Joe Henry

The Gospel According To Water (CD Digipak)

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Release Date: 15/11/2019

Discs: 1

The new Joe Henry album “The Gospel According To Water” is the follow-up to his highly acclaimed last work “Thrum” in 2017. The brand new album will be released November 15th - exactly one year after his cancer diagnosis. Joe Henry: “I told my dear wife in those first tremulous moment that I believed I’d just have to write my way through this passage; and now, if I am not exactly “through” it, I am nevertheless finding new balance and clarity, new focus; and have been bolstered by recording what I believe to be among the finest songs I’ve penned.” Not only is he a successful musician, but he also produced albums for artists ranging from Solomon Burke (Grammy Award!), Hugh Laurie, Aimee Mann, Rodney Crowell to Elvis Costello.
“The Gospel According To Water” is an intimate album, highly emotional, amazingly quiet, beautiful and relaxed, with simple yet skillful tunes, touching lyrics featuring 13 new and unforgettable songs. On “The Gospel According To Water”, Henry is joined by his trusted long-time musical companions and friends –Levon Henry on saxophone & clarinet, David Piltch on bass, Patrick Warren on piano & keys and John Smith on acoustic guitar.
The album has been recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by S. Husky Huskolds at Groundlift Research and Development, Los Angeles, CA. Henry, who again took upon the role as producer, managed to create an outstanding album with an extraordinary recording approach.


1. Famine Walk
2. The Gospel According To Water
3. Mule
4. Orson Welles
5. Green Of The Afternoon
6. In Time For Tomorrow (Funeral For Sorrow)
7. The Fact Of Love
8. Book Of Common Prayer
9. Bloom
10. Gates Of A Prayer Cemetry #2
11. Salt And Sugar
12. General Tzu Names The Planets For His Children
13. Choir Boy