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Willy Deville

Pistola Vinyl + CD

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Release Date: 08/02/2019

Discs: 2

Willy DeVille's last work "Pistola" follows up seamlessly to the grandiose early stages of the exceptional musician. The frontman of the band Mink DeVille, who comes from the 70s New York Club CBGB, also uses several musical styles in this work and creates a genre-combining masterpiece. "Pistola" is truly a culmination of his magnificent creative power.

Side A
1. So So Real
2. Been There Done That
3. When I Get Home
4. Louise
5. The Band Played On

Side B
1. You Got The World In Your Hands
2. I Remember The First Time
3. Stars That Speak
4. I'm Gonna Do Something The Devil Never Did
5. The Mountains Of Manhattan