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Duran Duran

A Diamond In The Mind (Ltd. Edition CD Digipak)

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Release Date: 14/12/2018

Discs: 1

Recorded at the MEN Arena in Manchester on December 16th, 2011, this stunning Duran Duran live show is the perfect combination of great music, amazing visuals and iconic style which has been the band’s trademark throughout their career. Following the release of their acclaimed “All You Need Is Now” album, this concert combines new songs from that release with their classic hits. Whether in the studio or the live arena, Duran Duran are masters of their craft and this latest concert bursts with energy in the way that only they can.

1. Before The Pain (Live 2011)
2. Planet Earth (Live 2011)
3. A View To A Kill (Live 2011)
4. All You Need Is Now (Live 2011)
5. Come Undone (Live 2011)
6. Blame The Machines (Live 2011)
7. The Reflex (Live 2011)
8. Girl Panic! (Live 2011)
9. Ordinary World (Live 2011)
10. Notorious (Live 2011)
11. Hungry Like The Wolf (Live 2011)
12. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Live 2011)
13. Wild Boys/ Relax (Live 2011)
14. Rio (Live 2011)