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Address the Nation CD

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Release Date: 23/03/2012

Discs: 1

“Address The Nation” - a true rock AOR masterpiece: the third album from the “Best New Band” of 2008 as voted by the Swedish National Radio.
Their self-titled debut record “Heat” reached worldwide acclaim in the spring of 2008. Without the help of an international record label (it has been
released only in Scandinavia) the band conquered Rock and Metal chart pools all over the world and became one of the most wanted new bands
among the fans of melodic hard rock.
The band’s 2nd album, “Freedom Rock”, was nominated as one of the Top 50 albums in 2010 by Classic Rock Magazine UK. Since then, they have
been touring all over the world, building up their reputation as the new leading band in the AOR genre. Erik Gronwall (winner of Swedish IDOL 2009)
joined the band in 2010 and has once again proved to be a fantastic singer on the new album.
“Address The Nation” is produced by Grammy award winning Tobias Lindell (Europe, Hardcore Superstar).
With each of the 10 tracks being crafted with incredible songwriting skills, the album is full of potential hit singles.
However, the epic song ‘Living On The Run’ is going to be fi rst offi cial radio single the band will fl ood radio waves all over the world.
For those who love AOR and melodic heavy rock... this is a chance not to miss.

01. Breaking The Silence
02. Living On The Run
03. Falling Down
04. The One And Only
05. Better Off Alone
06. In And Out Of Trouble
07. Need Her
08. Heartbreaker
09. It's All About Tonight
10. Downtown